Since our Independence, our country has not been able to recover from the Issues related to unemployment and economical scenario of the nation. Presently 60% of the populations are leading their lives below the poverty level. Although we have progressed in the fields of Science & Technology, Metallurgy, Textile, Auto Industries, Human Resource, Economics, and various other allied sectors, a few of the basics still remain untouched.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to provide potable water even to the 30% of the nation's population, millions are still homeless and electricity has not reached the remote areas of the country, especially in the rural areas that after sunset continue to remain in darkness day after day. This has become a hurdle to the country's economical growth. Only our bonding to save the community can help the country to recover from this situation.

Herein, "Solomon Group Asia" is contributing in a new renaissance, towards the development of the country. We believe and thus commit that our main emphasis as a responsible citizen shall be laid on the development of the community and in the sectors like Education, Energy, Housing, Healthcare, IT and other social developments. We also believe moral values remain important to strengthen the foundation of the society.

With small but strong contributions we have placed ourselves in the hearts of a common man, putting more emphasis on the development of the semi-urban and rural areas. We are trying our best to provide best education and healthcare with international services and comfort to the common man by providing Healthcare services and products and building educational hubs and affordable housing. Our population a biggest threat to the future growth of the nations needs an immediate eye from the policy makers with seriousness from every individual at the same time.

We remain committed to growth, and thus achieve it through sincerity and hard work.